Friday, January 16, 2015

Why Do I Always Want to Cry

Today I used my spa gift certificate, a Christmas present from my husband.  As I turned onto the Interstate to head to the spa, I saw a homeless man walking on the state road from where I turned. We waved to each other, smiled, and I was gone. A moment in time when I had an opportunity to reach out escaped me as I merged into the 70 mph traffic. I regretted that I had no warm blanket or food and water to give him. My heart is always grieved when I see these desperate men treading down the road with only a backpack. Where were his family, his home and warm bed to sleep in? Where was my survival kit full of bottled water, packaged nourishment, and a clean warm blanket to help him get through another freeze as he traveled to who knows where? This put a damper on my luxurious day. I simply wanted to cry.

Check Point: tomorrow I'll work on getting a supply to keep in my car just in case I get another opportunity to reach out.