Monday, November 29, 2010


He reached his hand down into the trash can and looked up to glare at me. I asked permission to take the picture and he nodded yes. Have you ever seen someone eat from a trash can? It is heartbreaking. It truly makes me count my blessings that I take so much for granted. If you have read ~same kind of different As me~, you will understand the reason some eat (or pretend to eat) the leftovers from the filthy can when they are down and out and hungry. During this Christmas I encourage you who have plenty to share with, books, warm blankets, and food. It is such a privilege and joy to be able to help others who have so little. Unfortunately, the day I took this photo, I did not have money with me and will perhaps never see the man again. I hope someone else fed him that day.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


He sat in a wheelchair close to the side of the busy county road. It was my back roads route from the interstate to the family farm. Each time I passed by, the memory of his loneliness haunted me. I finally pulled over one day and met the old man. His family had left him and had taken almost everything he owned. Alcohol was his best friend. He had a little peanut butter and some shabby clothes. I knew where to get him a blanket and my husband was happy to raid his own closet for a few pairs of pants and sweaters to keep this man warm during the oncoming winter weather. After all, his electric bill was really past due. We will check on him again soon.
He sat in his wheelchair by the side of the busy road. It was my back road route from the interstate to the family farm. I saw him often and when I passed him the memory of his lon

Friday, November 5, 2010

Alabama Capitol

The Alabama Capitol sits in the Black Belt region of Alabama.

 The state has numerous opportunities for anyone to help those less fortunate:

Jimmie Hale Mission   (B'ham. AL)
Jessie's Place   (B'ham. AL)
First Lady Patsy Riley's Blankets with a Blessing Ministry  (Montgomery, AL)
Faith Rescue Mission   (Montgomery, AL)
Montgomery Area Food Bank  (Montgomery, AL)
Auburn Food Bank    (Auburn, AL)