Monday, February 28, 2011

William Bray Memorial Checkers and Dominoes Tournament

It happens on Memorial Day! These guys go into "checkers" combat and battle to the end when trophies are given out. They play on the old boards, and fans gather around to cheer them on. William Bray, Jr. who helped me give out a few blankets this past winter continues this tradition in memory of his Father.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Visit with Mrs. Rice

In February, I visited Mrs. Rice and shared with her my desire to take blankets/books/etc. to the Black Belt Region of Alabama.  She allowed me to come inside and photograph her reading her Bible in her den chair. Her walls were filled with photos of her family, special crosses and plaques with Biblical quotations. Her husband was W.C.Rice who had the most amazing passion for the love of Jesus, the "Book of Life" and bearing the cross. Mrs. Rice and I moved out to the front porch where I did a little more photography. Selling photos like this makes money to take to families who are in need. Thank you, Mrs. Rice!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cigar Boxes

After searching the city high and low to find pencil boxes for the children of the Black Belt Region of Alabama (specifically for the 6 children posing in the photo "School's Out" and 2 more kids inside the house), I decided to pop into a well known cigar shop in the area. After being pointed in the direction of the 3 stacks of amazing handmade boxes that once held cigars, I sat on the floor for an indefinite time pondering my choices. I could only choose 10. One could never imagine my dilemma. I wanted them all and could envision the items that would go neatly into each one: scissors, pencils, a box of markers or crayons, a small notepad. I made the final decision and reluctantly put the ones back I could not buy at the time. A man we will call Rob, came over and said, "Of all the ones you put back, which would you choose again?" One by one as I held the boxes up that I could not get, he asked for them. I was hopeful he was an owner of the cigar shop and would put them away for me until March. He walked over to the counter and paid for most of the boxes, leaving me with a mere $8 balance.  I really do not think Rob realizes what blessings are in store for these children as I load these boxes with things that most of us take for granted. He will be a part of the gift that delights children as I travel the back roads and meet people who treasure gifts like this. I even know a lady who asked me to bring her a gift, and now I have a precious box that I can fill with  some of my note cards, stamps, and a pen. Thank you Rob, for blessing me today with your generosity and I hope we meet again at the cigar shop when I come back for more "pencil boxes".

I might add here that some of these boxes will be used for my cards to give as gifts. You could never imagine how unique they are. I would love to keep every one of them!