Monday, November 7, 2011

The Lonely Traveler

 As I traveled the highway, I noticed a lonely figure walking eastward along the side of the road. The older man had a significant bend in his back across his shoulders. I had 2 beautiful blankets in my trunk and knew that offering one to him was a must.
 After turning my car around, I parked in a lot next to a restaurant and waited for him to catch up. His face was lined and his manner was gentle. I asked my typical questions: "Are you homeless?" He was. "Do you need a blanket?" "No ma'am, I am fine." he replied. "Are you hungry?" "No ma'am, I am fine, really. I have a little money and plan to stay at that hotel up ahead. Do you know anything about it?" I did not know.
 His load was light.  A bottle of water was attached to his bedroll. He carried a small bag of necessities in his right hand and a small pack across the hunched back.
 I felt helpless. He was proud. My emotions were rampant, and knowing that I would never see him again left me with one responsibility; to pray for his safety, warmth and welfare.
 My heart overflows with concern over our country's homeless. I can only hope that out of our own abundance we can individually reach out to those who are desperate.