Friday, March 27, 2015

The 50th Anniversary Selma to Montgomery March

I walked alongside thousands in the 50th anniversary of the Selma to Montgomery, AL march for voter's rights. The march started at St. Jude, but I caught up at the Mildred St. crossroads and walked to the capitol.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Half my Age and Twice my Size: THE BULLY

I don't have a large blog following. I write primarily for myself to document my stories.

 So, I have a dream too.

This weekend I sat on a panel for IAMMORETHAN. The whole production was for 'reconciliation'. I was the only white person on the panel. Every person was considerate and kind in spite of our culture.

 But……I went to Selma Saturday for the bridge crossing event. The crowd was immense and I opted to wait awhile for the line into the event to settle. At least 3 hours after arriving, during which I met and photographed locals and visitors, I decided to get in the event line to hear Obama's speech. Almost at the gate after standing in a civilized line for over an hour, a young woman half my age and twice my size, decided to bully me. She stood a foot taller than me (you could have put 2 of me in her clothes). She used the force of her body to move me out of her way. She pushed and shoved me with tremendous force, causing me to move other people over. The only thing on her mind was herself.  I would almost call the line I now stood in a mob. She was rude, and she was a bully. I doubt that her Mother taught her this type behavior. As a Mother, I would have been ashamed of my child had she treated anyone like this. It was so upsetting, I left the event and came back home without going in.

Where does reconciliation begin? My dream is that it starts with every person, black and white.
I read Martin Luther Kings Jr's "I Have a Dream" speech this week. Maybe we should all read it. Maybe the bullies out there should read it.

I might add the Golden Rule, 'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.'

Friday, January 16, 2015

Why Do I Always Want to Cry

Today I used my spa gift certificate, a Christmas present from my husband.  As I turned onto the Interstate to head to the spa, I saw a homeless man walking on the state road from where I turned. We waved to each other, smiled, and I was gone. A moment in time when I had an opportunity to reach out escaped me as I merged into the 70 mph traffic. I regretted that I had no warm blanket or food and water to give him. My heart is always grieved when I see these desperate men treading down the road with only a backpack. Where were his family, his home and warm bed to sleep in? Where was my survival kit full of bottled water, packaged nourishment, and a clean warm blanket to help him get through another freeze as he traveled to who knows where? This put a damper on my luxurious day. I simply wanted to cry.

Check Point: tomorrow I'll work on getting a supply to keep in my car just in case I get another opportunity to reach out.