Monday, October 18, 2010

Gees Bend Generations

Often generations of a family in the rural South live near each other. I have the privilege of knowing Velma, and on my last trip to see her, I met her Daughter and Grandson who live next door. They invited me to attend church with them, but I had to decline that day. I hope to go back soon with some framed photos of her Grandson.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Neverland Ferris Wheel

The Autauga County Fair, just miles from the Black Belt Region has Michael Jackson's wonderful Neverland Ferris Wheel! Jeremy, also known as Hillbilly, helps put the big wheel together. He has been in the fair business 18 years. He's only about 21, so I think he got started early. His next stop is Moody, Alabama, but the Neverland Ferris Wheel goes in another direction. Jeremy is the "Never Ending" story of the wonderful Southern people that cross my path. Young and passionate about his mechanical and technical work, he also loves working at Ashley's Place (one of the food booths) after the rides he is responsible for are assembled. He called Ashley his cousin, though they are not related. This wonderful group of people working so hard to bring pleasure to the rural South have become a family to each other.