Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Free at Last?

 I never got his name, and wouldn't put it in print anyway. He was free at last after being in Level 4 (restrictive lockdown) prison for 7 years. The white man needed a job and fortunately several employers were "looking at him", maybe giving him a chance to renew his life. I see this almost every week as I meet men who now have freedom from jail/prison and are struggling to find a job. They often stay temporarily at Salvation Army, or drift into the city and right back out. How would an employer know if he could count on the guy? How could the new guy in town find stability, housing, training? I need to do some research on my city's half way house!

  I've watched for many years as Jesse's Place and Jimmie Hale Mission in Birmingham, AL rehab women and men in a significant way. I've visited both places and believe in them both. We have a few places in Montgomery that reach out, but I'd especially love to see a Jesse's place here. There are too many women who are homeless, a heartbreaker in itself. I'd love to see the churches of Montgomery (many) open their doors to the homeless on cold nights. There are beds available in several ministries (God bless them), but too few to accommodate the vast numbers. Where is my part in this? Maybe I'll approach my own church!

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