Monday, February 20, 2012

Blankets Needed

February 20, 2012
Miss ---------------
Dear Miss -------------,
Hello! Let me introduce myself as a rural South photographer, who travels the backroads, meeting people in the deep South. I am often faced with sorrow as I talk to people in poverty whose needs are so vast it is overwhelming. Several years ago I decide to help where I could and after one of the guys in a photo I took died from freezing to death, I decided to have a blankets ministry. For 2 years I have distributed a minimal number of blankets given to me by the First Lady Patsy Riley of Alabama, and last year given by several girlfriends whose hearts were stirred as they saw some of my photos. You might want to check out my Southern Journal/Encounters on my website,
Last year in some of my travels, I stayed at ----------- Hotels and began to wonder what happens to the used up bedding when -------- decides to refurbish rooms. It’s just an idea, but would you consider making a plea to anyone in corporate  to contribute discarded blankets for my cause.
Sincerely yours,
Vicki Wilson Hunt