Monday, September 20, 2010


He is the son of a Georgia Black Belt region sharecropper. His prized possession is his pickup truck painted like an American flag. If the truck isn't parked right in front, Willie is out for the day. This was my second visit to see him. He had bad news.....cancer and 21 days of chemotherapy.  There is no family nearby to help and he needs a new radiator for the truck. The plastic gloves he wore on my first visit still covered his hands. He has arthritis and needs these gloves for a better grip on anything he picks up. Someone had given him some scrap metal and he was able to make a little money, but it was barely enough. The needs of people in our community are overwhelming! I gave him my phone number if he needed me, but hopefully someone closer by will have a heart to help him. I promised to come back and take him to lunch. I'd love to hear more about his life.

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