Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tent Revival Alabama

I have always wanted to go to a Southern Evangelical Tent Revival! I finally got my wish. I rounded the corner from our farm house and there sat the big yellow and white tent on what used to be family property. The sign read Gospel Tent Meeting and I would be in town! However, I wanted to slip into the tent right that moment to do a little photography. After an hour with 2 cameras plus a fish eye lens, I was content. I was back that evening to hear Evangelist Bruce Chriestenson proclaim the Word using I Peter 4. Several soloists sang old gospel hymns including Amazing Grace. (the tambourine added the perfect background as we all eventually sang along). The Reverend anointed one man with oil when the preaching was finished and after praying over this jobless man, sang a solo himself. This truly was a special time for me as I experienced the area where I live. Bruce and I spoke the next day about how we could help the homeless, battered women,  the hungry, and those who needed warm blankets as winter approaches.

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