Friday, January 4, 2013

Great Books

Carry Me Home  (Diane McWhorter)
Road to Freedom  (Julian Cox)
Down Home  (Bob Adelman)
Encounters  (Kathryn Tucker Windham)
Let Us Now Praise Famous Men (Walker Evans)

7 (Jen Hatmaker)  Humorous in every way, on every page, Jen writes with a flair that makes one feel they are part of the scene. I found myself laughing out loud, identifying with her girlfriends and raising kids as when I was her age, but also identifying in my latter days as I minister with Chaplain Browder with the homeless, poverty and ex-inmates.  Day 8 Month 6-my favorite that hit home!

Studies in the Sermon on the Mount  (Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones)
The Hole in our Gospel  (Richard Stearns)
Crazy Love  (Chan)
Radical  (David Platt)
Love Does (Bob Goff)

n----- Dick Gregory (some offensive language but tears will flow as you read this account of his life) His title is the "n" word which I won't write here, so check it out yourself!

same kind of different As me  (Ron Hall & Denver Moore)
Leaving Gees Bend  (Irene Latham)
The Heart is a Lonely Hunter (Carson McCullers)
The Member of the Wedding (Carson McCullers)

Coming of Age in Mississippi (Anne Moody) (language can be offensive, but the story is true and absolutely amazing)

To Kill a Mockingbird (Harper Lee)
Uncle Tom's Cabin  (Stowe) (this book will break your heart!)
Black Boy

The Great Gatsby (F Scott Fitzgerald) & museum in Montgomery, Alabama
                              fitzgerald in montgomery

The Swan House (Musser) Having lived in Atlanta and roamed the entire area as a photographer,  I was mesmerized throughout the whole book wherever the author took us as the story unfolded.

Orphan Train (Kline) (some offensive language, but exceptional novel, based on history, and very well written) This book will be on my top five all time great reads. We can all see ourselves in the story, if we have had family hardships.

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  1. Thank you for the book recommendations. Love your photography! Susan in La Mirada CA